«silver lining the clouds…»

https://youtu.be/zuozgD_esms And the hardest part Was letting go not taking part Was the hardest part And the strangest thing Was waiting for that bell to ring It was the strangest start I could feel it go down Bittersweet I could taste in my mouth Silver lining the clouds Oh and I I wish that I … Read more«silver lining the clouds…»


From up above I heard The angels sing to me these words And sometimes in your eyes I see the beauty in the world Oh, now I’m floating so high I blossom and die Send your storm and your lightning to strike Me between the eyes Eyes Sometimes the stars decide To reflect in puddles … Read moreMiracles

Say you love me all around the world…

por un final de los conflictos.. por una mirada plena, por un abrazo… -justo a tiempo-… por alguien que se va.. por alguien que llega.. por casi tenerte, y perderte. Por aquellos a quienes amamos, por todos, y por nosotros. (si: Por Vos que lees, y por Mí… que escribo..) Por lo que vendrá… … … Read moreSay you love me all around the world…
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